When developing a strong brand identity for your business, there are a few key things you want to have in place. Obviously you should choose a name that is catchy and well-suited for your niche market. Another important aspect of this brand image is going to be your logo. Like everything else going into your business, a logo should be well planned and designed to represent your brand in the marketplace. Everything from the layout to the color scheme should be thought out and given the attention it deserves. It would be a shame to put the capital into opening a business without creating a visual centerpiece that the public can relate to and utilize as a symbol of your brand.

When designing a logo, there are many different avenues that you can take. Some businesses have very intricate, well-designed and colorful logos. There are others that want a simple, clean looking logo that may not be heavily artistic, but conveys a strong message to the audience.

The important thing to remember during the first phase of planning your logo is to pick a consistent theme and stick to it. Choosing colors can be a great way to evoke different emotions in your audience and grab their attention. Often times, marketing and sociological studies alike have proven that certain colors can hold certain meanings for people and can be associated in specific ways. It helps to do some research on which colors you want to use and how they will be perceived by your audience.

Aside from the colors that you use with your new logo, keep in mind the design you want your logo to have. Are you going to incorporate your business’ name? Are you going to use a specific character or mascot as a part of your logo? Plan out and sketch your ideas or work with a graphic designer to create the perfect logo for you.