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Talon Snippet

Talon Holsters

Talon Holsters, a growing holster manufacturer, shooting range, training facility and pro shop, partnered with Outdoor Business Network to redesign their website. Before commissioning the redesign, a comprehensive analysis of all digital assets was in order to determine the roadmap required to support Talon’s diverse business model and dynamic, growing brand. Talon Holsters and Outdoor…


The Gunologist

The Gunologist sells just about everything you would expect a firearms retailer to sell, but they wanted their site to be light and appealing to women. Female shooters are a growing demographic, and it was smart marketing for The Gunologist to see that they could attract nearly twice the customers if they did not drive…


Comrades In Arms

Comrades In Arms specializes in selling only soviet weapons. Their aesthetic is styled after soviet propaganda, and this theme is carried throughout the entire site. They do not utilize a distributor feed, because they curate their own specialized inventory.


Nielsen Training

Nielsen Training Associates live out what they teach and teach what they know best. They are led by law enforcement and military veterans who have plenty of experience to share. Their site uses OBN’s e-commerce software to facilitate enrollment in their courses and to provide background information on their staff.


Combat Shooters

Combat Shooters make their own line of weapons and gear, so they already had a strong idea of their brand look before they came to OBN for their e-commerce site. We made the site to match this existing look. They sell both their own products and utilize a distributor feed.

Crazy Neighbor Designs

Crazy Neighbor Design

Not all the businesses we work with are in the outdoor industry or need an e-commerce site. No matter what your goal, we can help you share your vision online! Crazy Neighbor Designs is an interior design business, so all of their projects are custom projects – not one-size-fits-all solutions that can be purchased online….


Kuhn Flowers

Just about anything can be sold online, and we don’t limit ourselves to building outdoor-related websites. Our e-commerce software works great for any industry, as demonstrated by this site that allows customers to order and send flowers.

Gear Stuff


GearStuff’s website was designed to be clean and utilitarian, which makes sense for a sporting goods store appealing to shoppers whose focus is being out on their next adventure. Additionally, OBN built a custom Amazon integration for GearStuff which allows them to sell and drop ship products through Amazon without ever touching anything.

Mountain Man

Mountain Man

Mountain Man is a ski and snowboard shop that wanted to bring the fun of the skiing and boarding lifestyle to their site. A collage layout reflects the multitude of sports they cater to, and the many ways they serve the skiing and boarding community.

Patriot Outdoors

Patriot Outdoors

Patriot Outdoors is a large, diverse sporting facility offering shooting ranges, lessons, firearms sales and rentals, paintball, archery and rock wall climbing. They opted to retain their existing site, and build their e-commerce site to match.