Talon Holsters

Talon Screenshots

Talon Holsters, a growing holster manufacturer, shooting range, training facility and pro shop, partnered with Outdoor Business Network to redesign their website. Before commissioning the redesign, a comprehensive analysis of all digital assets was in order to determine the roadmap required to support Talon’s diverse business model and dynamic, growing brand. Talon Holsters and Outdoor Business Network aligned in effort to rebuild the Talonholsters.com website and integrate it with RSR Group for multi-channel retail and drop-ship fulfillment. Before aligning with Outdoor Business Network, Talon was already using a multi-channel product listing management service as well as another e-commerce platform. By leveraging the CloudCommerce Enterprise product, Talon was able to combine the roles of two third party products into one platform, while at the same time improving their overall brand representation and website customer experience. This will save their company over ten thousand dollars per year versus the previous system. Further, SupplierLink will allow for more streamlined automation of direct to consumer fulfillment shipments.

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