Retailer Product Data Feeds

SupplierLink allows you to link your website or POS system to multiple suppliers for automated product data, inventory look-up, and order submission.  Get product data from and post orders to all of our partner suppliers, in an easy to integrate XML format.  You and your development team no longer have to maintain complex integration in multiple formats and locations, we do that work for you.

  • Get product data
  • Get images
  • Get inventory levels
  • Send orders
  • Get shipping confirmations



Distributor Product Data Feeds

Partner with Outdoor Business Network to improve the flow of data and communication to your retailers.

  • Increase your sales through your existing dealer network
  • Acquire new dealers through exposure in our network
  • Save on IT support time for your retailers
  • Support multiple retailers with one integration point
  • Build loyalty in your dealer base
  • Allow retailers to submit electronic orders from any platform


Manufacturer Product Data Feeds

When a retailer comes to you and asks you for product data to help him sell, what is your answer?

“Copy it from my website.”


We help you build out your product data and manage its flow to sell more and represent your brand properly in all channels.