Merchant Services

Accepting credit cards as a form of online payment is a key part of e-commerce. Outdoor Business Network has partnered with the FastCharge online payment gateway and merchant services. As an integrated payment module in our e-commerce platform, it is now easier than ever to accept all major credit cards, electronic checks, and non-cash transactions on your website. Our payment gateway and merchant services are firearms retailer friendly, and our rates are well below the industry average. Sign up below, or call us for more information.

  • Lowest rates available
  • Firearms Friendly Merchant Services (FFL OK)
  • Fast turn-around, funds usually within 24 hours
  • We support the Second Amendment
  • Available for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers
  • No obligation quotes available

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Web Hosting

We are web hosting specialists. Whether you need a firearms friendly shared host for your simple project or a help engineering a complex private cloud system for your internal business needs, we can help. Our team has worked with almost every configuration that a business would need. From a small retailer utilizing one dedicated server to one hundred million dollar manufacturers requiring complex firewalls, switching, high availability, scalability, and VPNs, we can help with your hosting needs. Security, privacy, and efficiency are our top concerns.

When considering your next hosting project, many hosting companies can not see the big picture and help you find the right hardware you need. Do not take a shot in the dark when you roll out your next platform, let us help you put together a solution that fits your needs now, and will scale to your needs in the future.

  • Firearms Friendly Hosting
  • NSSF and ATA Members receive discounted plans
  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Linux and windows
  • Management available

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Search Marketing – SEO/SEM

seoreportSearch marketing should be a key part of your online businesses and marketing plan.  However search marketing is much more than changing some text on your home page and hoping to come up on top in Google.  SEO and SEM is now about your brand as much as it is driving traffic.  We understand that promoting your brand and driving traffic are two separate but equal requirements at the core of your marketing program. At Outdoor Business Network, we take a strategic and holistic approach to search marketing. A good search marketer will never make guarantees, and will never discuss your keywords until after doing significant research. Don’t just “spray and pray” or put your brand in the hands of a local college kid. Our search marketing plans take a consultative approach and usually include the following steps:

  • Marketing plan development
  • Keyword research
  • Initial project review and report
  • Server side optimization (source code and redirects)
  • Design optimization (image and load time)
  • Mobile optimization (dedicated mobile site or responsive design)
  • Meta tag optimization (titles, descriptions, keywords, alt tags)
  • On-page content optimization (text, headings, descriptions, links)
  • Site flow, link analysis and optimization
  • Content development (blogging, articles, viral content, videos, etc.)
  • Social media buzz management and promotion
  • E-mail newsletter promotion
  • Business profile optimization (yelp, google plus, etc.)
  • Local optimization (local search placement)
  • PPC (pay-per-click), CPI (cost-per-impression), 3rd party advertising management
  • Off site content promotion (inclusion in news, magazine, and blogger articles)
  • Monthly progress reports
  • And more….

As you can see, there is much more to internet marketing and search marketing than just putting a few keywords into your title.  Talk to one of our experts and let us develop a complete plan to ensure your business is properly represented on the web.

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Web Design

Custom Web Site Design & Digital Agency Services | National | Local | Toledo, OHAt Outdoor Business Network, we are web design specialists.  All of our design work is done right here in our Maumee, Ohio offices by talented american designers. The projects we work on can range in budget and size from helping a small business owner spruce up their existing site and billed hourly, to full on six figure large design, development, & marketing projects which span the course of months or years. No matter who we work with we treat each and every client with the same professionalism as we do a Fortune 500 corporation.

Our team uses top end design software and best practices in a holistic approach to your project. When we attack a clients web design project, we do it from all angles. Have you thought about how your design will effect your brand in 3-5 years? Are your colors consistent across all platforms? Does your design load fast enough to be ranked high? Have you thought about the bandwidth cost to load your site on a client’s phone? Is your design accessible? Have you thought about how your design effects your conversion rate? What message are your colors and images sending subliminally to your clients?

Think we just do e-commerce web site design for sporting goods retailers and FFLs? Think again. Our talented team has helped clients in many different industries. Here are just a few: Interior Design, Flower Shops, Boating, Yachting, Medical, Winter Sports, Powersports, Convenience Store, Manufacturing, and more. We have even done behind the scenes work for other advertising agencies.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Agency | National| Local | Toledo, OHThink social media marketing is as easy as making a Facebook page and posting a few times a month? Are you trying to do it yourself with little success or find that you can not stay on top of it all? Our team can help you represent your brand and drive traffic and followers across multiple social platforms. More importantly, our team’s goal is to convert those followers into your customers.

Social media is more than just posting on Facebook and Twitter. At OBN we spend time creating unique content, researching and writing shareable articles, optimal timing of posts, and sharing trending information that builds followers organically. We don’t just do it alone though, we require our clients’ full support and interaction when managing their social media. You will be involved in content creation, providing contest prizes, providing us with photos. In general we work with you as your marketing partner.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing | E-Newsletter Examples | Local | National | Toledo, OHProfessional effective email marketing should be in every business’s quiver. Do it wrong, and you push away customers. Done correctly, email marketing is perhaps the most cost effective and highest converting online advertising method available which also has the ability to increase your customer lifetime value.

Your email marketing must be consistent, professional, well branded, and present readers with a reason to not only open the email, but follow through with an action. What should that action be? That depends on your goal as a marketer. We generally recommend two levels of email marketing to our clients, educational and promotional. The fact is people that know more about your products, brands, and services are more likely to become customers and purchase from you in the future.

Our professionals know how to create emails your customers will want to receive. We use only the best email design and delivery software, ensuring your messages don’t end up in the spam box. We send messages at optimal rates which maintain readership and encourage opens and conversions. Don’t leave this important part of your business’s marketing strategy to an amateur. Contact us today to develop a tactical email marketing plan which not only converts customers in the short term, it adds value to your brand across the lifetime of your business.

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Print Design

Print Promotional Material Design | National | Local | Toledo, OHOur design team creates stunning print work of all shapes and sizes. From business cards and tri-folds to multi-page catalogs and wide format, we can help. Want something different or out of the ordinary? We have a network of printing companies that can deliver materials in all shapes and sizes. We have done business cards on parchment paper, custom printed logo backpacks, trade show handouts, and large banners.  We have even designed graphics for a 48 foot professional race trailer and rig.

Not to mention, every piece of marketing you have received from us is done in-house. You have likely held proof of our marketing and branding prowess in your own hands. Let us wow your customers and design effective marketing communication materials for you.

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Our principal and engineers have helped many businesses with their technology needs. Our philosophy is to take a strategic approach to your business. With thorough planning and forecasting we help you implement technology and marketing programs to grow your business, decrease long term cost and overhead, increase return on investment, and manage investment risk.

Our consultants will help you guide your company in the right direction. Whether you are a small business looking for helpful advice on an hourly basis via phone/web meeting, a corporation seeking a retainer based on-site full time consultant, or anything in between, we can help.

  • Public speaking regarding technology and marketing
  • Develop business and marketing plans
  • Bank financing presentations
  • Start up guidance
  • Technology evaluation and implementation
  • Forecasting and long term modeling
  • Training in-house staff
  • Project management and outsourcing

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Web & Application Development

Is your business ready to invest in custom software to gain a competitive advantage, integrate with a 3rd party, or automate a process? Web development has been our specialty since 2006 and actively involved in e-commerce software and point-of-sale development way before that. We have developed our own complete SaaS e-commerce platform and point-of-sale system, rivaling things that come out of Silicon Valley, which is no small feat.

Our development team uses current best practices to ensure that you receive code that functions right and has the right hooks and logic to expand in the future. Because we have been so e-commerce focused over the years, what sets us apart from most web developers is we understand how users, code, and hardware interact.

Past custom development projects have included and Ebay integration with automation, web site modules, point-of-sale and ERP integration, custom shipping label printing/automation, Facebook apps, iPhone apps, automated data cleaning/parsing, custom payment modules, security testing, website code optimization, automated .pdf creation, and more.

Our team speaks the following languages and frameworks: PHP, SQL, ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript,Perl, Python, Ruby, ColdFusion. When it comes to the server side, we are LAMP stack rock stars.

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Content Writing

Our team members don’t have journalism degrees and get A’s in English for no reason. Content is King…you have heard that one before, right? Well it is all too true when it comes down to generating traffic for your website project. You need good unique content to get found and keep people coming back on a regular basis. That content can be blog articles, how-to’s, unique product descriptions, reviews, and more. Let our writing team work to generate well written, easy reading, and optimized text for your website.

Because we are a firearms friendly web design team, we support our constitution, and not only believe in the second amendment, but also the first amendment! Unlike other marketing agencies, our team will never shy away from your project because it involves promotion of guns, hunting, or writing about touchy subjects. Work with a marketing team that believes in your products and your industry, not some hipster in Chicago that has never worn a pair of waders and has never held a gun. Yeah, you know who we are talking about…

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Video Production

Why do we love video production? Plain and simple – it is challenging and fun to do. Sure, it is lots of hard work behind the scenes, but the outcome is always worthwhile. Yes, there are higher end production studios out there that are more adept at high-end editing, casting, and direction, but they cost a lot more than we do. We will outsource or refer clients to a high end production team if needed. However, for us, video production developed out of a need for some of our clients to have simple but professional YouTube product videos created for marketing and SEO purposes. That we can do, and do it well we do.

We have done live shots at the range, developed scripts, rehearsed, made sets, used remote moving cameras, shot video underwater, broken glass and blown stuff up, all in the name of making our clients happy and getting the word out about their products. Need some good quality HD product videos that are edited well at a reasonable price? That is where we come in. Let us have some fun with your project to build viewers, relay information about your quality products, and ultimately gain customer and brand loyalty. Check out the work we have done, then give us a call to ask us how economically we can do the same for you.

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Open Source Customization and Web Development

We are open source masters! We should’t need to say any more than that, but we will. Our team of developers, engineers, designers, server admins, and project managers are open source experts. We live in the LAMP stack and we breath PHP/MySQL.

Many companies start out with a simple OS platform to get started, but then slowly hit roadblocks once they have outgrown the basic features of their program and realize there is no one to call for support. Many toil with user forums and modules, but can never quite get there.

That is where the team at Outdoor Business Network comes in. Have real people who speak English you can call to help you with your WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, osCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, ZenCart or other application. We are familiar with many open source projects including e-commerce, web design, enterprise resource planning (ERP), product information management (PIM), digital asset management (DAM), point-of-sale (POS), project management, and other business-related open source applications.

Ready to make your software work for you, instead of against you?

3rd Party Application & IT Support

Your business doesn’t just do e-commerce, and we know that we are not the only software vendor you work. We are experts in technology of all types. Our super smart consultants, engineers, and team members can help you with almost any software, anywhere. We are experts in what we use in house to support our own business and services, and we are happy to share that knowledge with other businesses in our network.

Let us know if you need help with 3rd party solutions such as Google Apps for Business, Quickbooks, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Adobe, Cisco, Salesforce, Windows, etc. We can set you up, train you, and perform customization to most software to optimize it for your business. From our offices in Ohio we have remote into clients as far away as Utah and Florida. For our bigger budget friends, we will happily jump on the next flight and work with you on site.

We also work with other e-commerce platforms on a regular basis. We are authorized re-sellers and experts for Bigcommerce and Volusion, and we have designed and developed websites in quite a few other platforms.

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Logo Design & Corporate Branding

brandpackageNow, more than ever, your business is your brand. This is more evident in the information age than it ever was before. Generation Z will not know your business by the friendly sales people behind the counter or on the phone, they will only know it by its brand.

Your brand is much more than just your logo, it is the complete persona of your company that your client not only sees, but also feels a relationship with.

Every company’s brand starts with its logo and color scheme, but there is more to it than that. Our designers take the time and care to learn about your business. They learn who you are, what you do, why your product is needed, where you are going, and who your business will become.

Our team is responsible for hundreds of successful brands in the outdoor industry. How can we help yours?

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Business & Marketing Plan Development

On a regular basis we here at Outdoor Business Network run into way too many business owners that can not answer fundamental questions that should be outlined in their business and marketing plans.

No matter the size, every business should have a direction, and it should be founded on a rock solid plan and forecasting. Ensuring your business has the strategy and funding to make it to the top is essential.

Our experts work with you to develop a strong business and marketing plan, as well as financial forecasting for use in house and when soliciting financing from banks, angels, or venture capital. We have received many complements on our work, the best being those not in words, but in success.

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